Saturday, 5 February 2011

I.C.C World Cup 2011

Cricket is an internation outdoor game. It is interestion from the beginning to the end. it is a costly game. it came here from Europe. Nowadays it is a very popular game.  cricket is played in an open field. it is played by two parties of eleven players each. Two sets of wickets are pitched in a smooth ground 22 yards apart. A ball, bats, stamps, some pads etc. Are required for the game.
One party fields and the other party bats. Two fieldmen stand at the two sets of wickets and bowl. They are called bowlers. They try to strike the wicket with the ball. The batsman tries to stop the the ball and save the wickets. At his opportunity he strikes the ball away at a good distance and runs to the opposite wicket. The batsman at the other wicket runs to his place. Thus one runs to the opposite the ball strikes the wicket, the batsman is said to be out. He then leaves the bat and another man comes to his place. Thus the play goes on till all but one are out.
            The fielding party then comes to bat and the batting party goes goes to field. The game comes to an end when the players of this party are out. There are two umpires to count the runs. The party which can score more runs wins the game.

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