Sunday, 6 February 2011

Cricket and Bangladesh

Cricket was, once upon a time, a royal game. It was confined to the palace ground
only. But in the middle of the twentieth century of the second millennium it became known to the commoner as some countries took initiatives to popularise it. England played a vital role in this respect. At present, cricket is parallel to football. The popularity of cricket has been in full progression, in Bangladesh just after Bangladesh has won the I.C.C. trophy in 1997.
        After the end of war, Bangladesh became victorious on 16th December, 1971. But her people did not show any interest in playing cricket since the achievement of freedom. During the 9th decade of the twentieth century, Bangladesh has started to get involved in playing cricket vitally. But no resilient success. She could achieve other than participating in some I.C.C. tournaments.
        The consistent progress in cricket Bangladesh has attained just after 9th decade. Since ’91Bangladesh has been doing well in the field of cricket. In 1997 she won the I.C.C. trophy and got chance to play in world cup cricket tournament in Great Britain in 1999. She also played outstandingly in the World Cup Cricket Tournament by defeating both Scotland and giant Pakistan.
        In the meantime Bangladesh has got the test status in cricket. Previously she was authorized to play one day International Tournament. After getting test status, she is not doing well in playing test series. But we need not get worried about it. If she practises well, she can reach the culmination of success in cricket.
        Last of all, we can say that Bangladesh and cricket are now correlated with each other. Our people have started to of winning the world cup trophy of cricket as no possible prospect we can see in football. We wish to be a dominating country in cricket throughout the world.     

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